Clean Food Prep ~ Week One

During the past year I have struggled quite a bit with really bad headaches.  These headaches would sometimes last several days and I spent much of that time curled in a ball praying the headaches would go away quickly.  And so I have spent this past year trying to find the cause of the headaches and maybe try to find a way to get rid of them.  Or at least reduce their frequency.  I tried lots of things including visiting a chiropractor, better pain management, cutting out dairy from my diet, and more.  As I continued to do research online I came across this idea of “eating clean.”  Essentially this means removing all (or at least most) processed foods from your diet.  So I tried it and guess what?  It worked!  The “cleaner” my diet is, the fewer headaches I have.

Is it difficult to give up processed foods?  Absolutely!  But I also know that when I give in to the temptation it’s going to result in a headache and that is simply not worth it to me.  Do I eat clean 100% of the time?  Nope, but I try to get as close as possible!

What I have found to be the most effective for staying on top of this eating lifestyle is to do once-a-week food prep so that it is easy for me to grab and prepare food throughout the week.  Here is week one…

Week One

#1 – Salsa Chicken – This is seriously the easiest recipe EVER and it is so yummy!  I have it in corn tortillas, with salad, or even just plain.  If you click on the link to the recipe you’ll see where I originally found this recipe but I have to admit that I’ve also made this chicken by just throwing chicken and salsa in the crockpot and leaving it on low for a few hours.

#2 – Pre-cut veggies – I have found that snacking is the most difficult part of eating clean so I have found it really helpful to have clean snacks like veggies on hand and ready to go.

#3 – Hard-boiled eggs – A great source of protein and incredibly easy to make ahead of time.  The trick?  Add baking soda to the water, put the eggs in the water and then bring to a boil.  Once it has reached a boil, put a lid on the pot, turn off the heat and let sit for 12 minutes.  Perfect eggs EVERY SINGLE time.

#4 – Taco Salad – I absolutely love this salad because it makes me realize you don’t have to give up good taste to eat clean!

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